TMSA at NC Chamber Podcast

TMSA at NC Chamber's The Business Playbook Podcast
Posted on 02/28/2022
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TMSA teachers Ahnie Ingram and Zaron Johnson discuss the benefits of STEM education and connecting classroom and workforce at NC Chamber’s The Business Playbook Podcast Series.

The Business Playbook is a monthly podcast that provides best-in-class case studies and strategies for achieving business success. Listeners will leave each episode with concrete steps necessary for growth in areas such as leadership, workforce development, employee relations, community outreach, business development, and more.

In this episode, NC Chamber Marketing Director Emmy Boyette discusses the benefits of STEM education with TMSA teachers Ahnie Ingram and Zaron Johnson. Tune in to hear several ways the business community can directly connect with educators to make the classroom experience more authentic and more preparatory for students.