TMSA Triangle HS Adopts a Highway

Leader-in-Me in Action: TMSA Triangle High School Adopts a Highway for Litter Removal
Posted on 03/27/2023
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Our high schoolers have officially adopted a road in the name of TMSA Triangle.

A two-mile stretch of New Hill Olive Chapel Road, the road that leads to our school's Apex campus, is now under our school's and students' guardianship.

Adopt-A-Highway Program allows volunteers to enter into a two-year agreement with the Department of Transportation, during which they agree to perform litter removal at regularly scheduled intervals.

The signs aren't up just yet, but that didn't prevent our student leaders from participating in our inaugural Adopt-A-Highway cleanup.

Meenakshi Nair, Anna Morris, Kashika Chaudhary, Josh Asada, Romil Shah, Ayushi Goyal, Amber Payne, Yashitha Vanamala, and Sanju Vanukuri spent nearly two hours filling ten giant orange trash bags, helping beautify our neighborhood and the American Tobacco Trail.

We thank them for setting an excellent example for our students and showing our school's commitment to keeping our environment and our future clean.