Cary Mayor Visits TMSA

Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht Visits TMSA
Posted on 05/13/2022
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TMSA had another special guest today for National Charter School Week. Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht visited Triangle Math and Science Academy.

Over the years, Mr. Mayor faced some hard questions, but none quite like what he experienced in Mrs. Johnson’s first grade class.

“You are a good guy!” said one with excitement as Mr. Mayor greeted them and explained his responsibilities as the town's mayor. But the questions did not stop. “Did you make Cary?” asked another one. “Did you ever win a match?” came right after Mr. Mayor said he plays tennis. Unfortunately, Mr. Mayor did not know “why the chicken crossed the road.” But, for “what did the tree say?” he had an unwavering answer: “leave me alone!”

Mayor Weinbrecht toured the school with Superintendent Ben Karaduman, Deputy Superintendent Eray Idil, Principal John Kara, and two of Triangle’s Student Ambassadors, Courtney McCloughan and Meenakshi Nair. “There’s a lot going on at this school, and it’s so exciting just to see all the wonderful things from grade one all the way up through high school,” said Mayor Weinbrecht after the tour.

Mr. Mayor also learned about our new STEAM commitment, extracurricular activities, and student clubs as well as Triangle's diverse student body. He was also debriefed about TMSA’s ongoing Apex Campus Project that will host Triangle's new high school building.

“There’s a lot of knowledge being imparted here, and it will carry these students throughout the rest of their lives, and wonderful things are gonna happen,” said Mr. Mayor before leaving Triangle.

“We are so grateful Mr. Mayor took time from his busy schedule to come to Triangle and shared his wisdom and knowledge with us,” said Superintendent Karaduman.

We want to thank Mr. Mayor again for this fantastic visit, and we are looking forward to seeing him again!