TMSA Freshman Selected for BioGen-MIT

TMSA Triangle Freshman Ahmad Abou-Nouar Selected for BioGen-MIT Internship
Posted on 05/15/2023
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Dear TMSA Community,

Our freshman Ahmad Abou-Nouar has been accepted into a highly coveted Biogen-MIT biotech internship this summer. He is very excited for this opportunity and stated “I want to thank everyone who supported me including my parents, teachers, and friends.”

This prestigious opportunity will undoubtedly contribute to Ahmad’s academic and professional growth. It will also help him improve his own medical application aimed at helping Parkinson's patients - for more information about his app:

Ahmad’s internship will have two parts. The first part is Biogen-MIT Biotech in Action program. Through this immersive virtual lab experience, Ahmad will gain invaluable insights into the field of biotechnology. The second part takes place at Biogen’s cutting-edge Community Lab, located at their RTP headquarters. Ahmad will actively engage in hands-on biotechnology experiments. This internship will allow Ahmad to collaborate with esteemed scientists and other professionals in the biotech industry, fostering meaningful connections and expanding his knowledge base.

Ahmad's outstanding accomplishments come as no surprise to those who know him well. His unwavering dedication and passion for making a difference in the medical field have been evident through his efforts to develop a medical application. As an educator, I am tremendously proud of Ahmad's accomplishments. Not only is he an exceptional student, but he also possesses a humble and inspiring character that serves as a role model for others.

We have no doubt that he will continue to make us proud. Good job, Ahmad!

Have a great evening!

Adam Alden,

TMSA Triangle HS Principal