TMSA Triangle Star League

 star leagueOur students astonish us every day. Their potential and intelligence are enormous and waiting to be formed and brought out. 

At TMSA, we aim to create ample possibilities for our students, and TMSA Star League is just one of them. 

TMSA Star League is an advanced program within TMSA, catering to students from 4th to 9th grades at TMSA Apex and TMSA Triangle Cary campuses. Eligible participants engage in advanced exploration of these subjects and also take part in competitions spanning state, national, and international levels. 

With the League, we aim to guide TMSA math enthusiasts in discovering and cultivating their unique talents, ultimately leading them toward career paths where they can make meaningful contributions to society and find personal fulfillment.


TMSA Star League is by invitation due to limited capacity.

There are two ways to join the League.

Option 1: MAP Growth Spring Math Test Percentile

At the beginning of a new school year, we invite students according to their percentiles at MAP Growth Spring Math Tests of the previous school year. If a student's percentile is 99 or higher, they receive an invitation to join the League.

Option 2: Statewide or Nationwide Competitions Results


Students who succeeds in AMC 8, AMC 10/12, MathCounts or MathCON will be automatically invited to the League for the upcoming school year.




Honor Roll

AMC 10/12 A

Honor Roll

AMC 10/12 B

Honor Roll


Selected for Team


Honorable Mention

No Guaranteed Spot!

We welcome eligible students to join the League each year, regardless of their performance in the previous year.

In other words, receiving an invitation to the League doesn't guarantee a spot throughout the year. Students need to demonstrate dedication and hard work to retain their position.

It's important to recognize that students who initially could not join the program, can successfully complete it the next year while students who initially join the program cannot. Both scenarios are perfectly acceptable. This journey is more of a marathon than a sprint.

Those who excel in the League's assessments will proceed to compete in academic competitions, potentially securing medals and forging new paths for their future endeavors.

Where and When to Meet:

The League meets on Saturdays on the Apex campus.