Carpool Procedures


2023-2024 Carpool Procedure for
Cary K-8 Campus


1) We dismiss both kindergarten and first grade students in the back by the playground starting at 2:30pm. (This is only for parents who have only kindergarten or first grade students or both.)

2) Parents with students in 2nd-8th grades, please continue to pick up at 3:00pm in the front. Please do not arrive to carpool until 3:00 pm at the earliest. The first car will not leave until 3:05. Carpool ends at 3:45, so as long as you are in line by then, you will not have to pay the late fee.

 Grade Level  Pickup Time  Location
 Kindergarten 2:30 pm  Zone 1 - Playground Area in the Back
 1st Grade Students  2:30 pm Zone 1 - Playground Area in the Back
 Multiple Grade Levels 2nd-Up 3:00 pm  Zone 2 - 3 and 4


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3) The right lanes (pictured in green) is for exiting only. No stopping or standing in the GREEN lanes. Please do not block this lane, as it prevents parents who have loaded up to be able to leave.

4) The blue line will available for picking up students grades 4-8. Students in grades K-3 WILL NOT be able to be picked up on this side. For those of you with us last year, this is the same as it was at the end of last year.

5) When traffic is backed up onto Gregson, please DO NOT pass cars in order to try and get into the parking lot. We must have a single file line of cars as close to the curb as possible in order to not block our neighbors as their businesses are open.

6) Please make sure you are picking your student(s) up in the correct zone:

  • Zone 1 is for all Kindergarten and 1st grade students
  • Zone 2 is for all 2nd and 3rd grade students
  • Zone 3 is for all 4th-8th grade students WHO HAVE A SIBLING IN GRADES K-3
  • Zone 4 is for 4th-8th grade students ONLY. K-3 students WILL NOT be able to be picked up from this side.


2023-2024 Carpool Procedure for
Apex HS Campus



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