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Triangle Math and Science Academy School Performance

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  School Performance
NC Report Card 
 2021-2022  86  Click Here
  2020-2021  No Letter Grade  No Score   Click Here 
  2019-2020  No Letter Grade   No Score    Click Here 
 2018-2019  A  89  Click Here
 2017-2018  A  89 Click Here
 2016-2017  A+NG  90  Click Here 
 2015-2016  A+NG  89 Click Here
 2014-2015  A+NG  85  Click Here 
A  85  Click Here 

TMSA received the highest possible School Performance Grade (SPG) since the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction started to report school performance grades in 2013-2014.

The DPI no longer awards A+ to any school as of 2017-2018. The plus sign recognized no gaps in any subgroups

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