Triangle's Farukh Khalilov

COVID-19 Helps Triangle’s Farukh Khalilov Educate Next-Generation Innovators
Posted on 10/01/2020
Cary, NC (October 1, 2020) - There is little disagreement about the harm wrought upon our education system by COVID-19, but Triangle Math and Science Academy’s Farukh Khalilov likes to think differently.

“Thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, we managed to transition to some sort of an e-flipped classroom model,” said Triangle’s Khalilov, a published author with two books on Python Coding, Mathematics and Physics. “Had it not been for the virus, it would have taken us a very long time to fully implement online curriculum in Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence at Triangle” he added.

The flipped, or blended, classroom is a technology-driven instruction model in which students are supplied with pre-class videos, recorded lectures, or short tutorials. “Every student has a different time when they are open to learning,” said Mr. Khalilov, who has taught Computer Science and Mathematics for last twelve years in three different continents. “My pre-recorded videos help them pace themselves at their own convenience.”

In the pre-pandemic era, these videos were followed by an in-class session where the topic was revisited and the teacher facilitated student-led small group discussions. However, Mr. Khalilov cannot have in-class sessions due to the current online-only instruction at Triangle. He has to guide discussion sessions online for his three courses in “Data Science and Machine Learning,” “Cybersecurity,” and “Introduction to Engineering Design” this semester. With COVID-19, Mr. Khalilov has transformed the “flipped classroom” into an e-flipped classroom model willingly, without hesitation.

Triangle students’ interest in his classes took Mr. Khalilov by surprise. He has now nearly 100 students. “All you need is a student eager to learn and a teacher eager to teach,” stated Mr. Khalilov very happy with the enrollment despite the pandemic. His prior teaching experience in Eastern Europe’s Moldova and Africa’s Uganda has provided him with a unique angle towards an education that transcends lands and languages. “There is no perfect time or place to start learning,” he said. “The Coronavirus is not an excuse.”

A piano player since childhood, he passionately strives for his students to learn to think creatively and critically no matter where or how they learn. By equipping his students with the toolboxes of Coding and Mathematics, Mr. Khalilov hopes to foster the next generation of innovators.

Mr. Khalilov is married with three children, and joined our faculty last year. We are proud to have him at TMSA Public Charter Schools.