Hello Summer!

Hello Summer! Happy Last Day of School & Summer Updates
Posted on 05/28/2021
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Dear TMSA and QCSS Community,

We are closing out the 2020-2021 school year today. Thank you all for your ongoing support and cooperation during the most challenging school year any of us has ever known. We have made it through together!

We look forward to seeing everyone back for an in-person school year in the fall!

Here are some updates about important dates, events, and developments during the summer break.

Friday (May 28) is the last day of school.
TMSA and QCSS Summer Schools: Our in-person summer schools will be carried out in two sessions. Your school will be in contact within the next few days for those who will need to attend the summer school.

Triad Secondary Summer School: June 7 - 25 & July 12 - 30
Triad Elementary Summer School: June 7 - 25 & July 12 - 30
Triangle Summer School: June 7 - 25 & July 12 - 30
Queen City STEM Elementary School: June 7 - 24 & July 12 - 29
Queen City STEM Secondary School: June 7 - 25 & July 12 - 29

Triad’s 2021 Senior Graduation Ceremony will take place at LeBauer Park on Saturday (May 29) at 11:00 AM.
Triangle’s 2021 Senior Graduation Ceremony will be held at the Pavilion at Carriage Farm on Saturday (June 5) at 10:00 AM.
TMSA Greensboro Elementary School Expansion Project is in full swing, getting ready for the fall semester. The project includes an additional playground, a SMART lab, and a cafeteria.
Virtual Learning Option for Charter Schools: As you know, North Carolina does not yet allow charter schools to provide a virtual learning option for the next academic year. The bills H644 Remote Academies and H729 Charter School Omnibus that enable charters to have blended learning options for 2021-2022 have recently been referred to the Senate. We expect to hear the results no sooner than June 30.
Student Vaccine Opportunity: While the COVID vaccine is not listed as a required vaccination for school, it is available to students ages 12 and older in North Carolina.
First Day of School for 2021-2022: TMSA Public Charter Schools will open on August 10, 2021 (Tuesday). You can access the next year’s academic calendar.

We hope everyone finds the time to unwind during the summer months. Please continue to be safe and expect more updates from your schools throughout the summer.

Have a great vacation!

TMSA Public Charter Schools